1. Mosquitoes repellent

Since the centre of the hotel is an open space courtyard, there are mosquitoes at times. We have rental service for mosquito repellent at the reception desk. The deposit is NTD $100, which will be refunded after check-out.


2. Other services at SOF

  • House-keeping during your stay
  • Transportation arrangement
  • Travel tips around Taichung city


3. Supplies provided in the room

  • Towels
  • Floor mat
  • In-room slippers
  • toiletries


4. Non-smoking policy

SOF is a non-smoking hotel. In order to ensure a good quality of accommodation, smoking is strictly prohibited in accordance with the "Smoking Hazard Prevention Law". There is a cleaning and disinfection fee of NTD $2,000 if you smoke in the room.


5. Why do we not provide bottled water in the room?

We are environmental conscious and no bottled water is provided at SOF. There are hot and cold water dispensers on each floor, and there are thermos pots and mugs in the room for your convenience.


6. Additional fee for extra guests 

Under six years old: NTD $300 (no additional toiletries)

Over six years old: NTD $600 with toiletries or NTD $800 with breakfast


7.Is there an additional charge for interior decoration?

At our establishment, we offer interior decoration services (additional fees apply). Feel free to contact us via private message for inquiries.

Alternatively, you can arrange for your own vendor for decoration. We will require a deposit of 2000 yuan, which will be refunded upon confirmation of the room's condition after check-out,
provided that the room is left in a clean and orderly manner following the decoration.

If you require interior decoration, please notify us three days in advance. Failure to inform us or to clean the room after decoration may result in a cleaning fee of 2000 yuan imposed by the establishment.