SOF Hotel’s location resides within an area of Taichung City known as the Central District. Sometimes referred to as “old Taichung,” history still resonates today as you walk through the character-filled streets. 

The SOF Hotel building has lived several lives, enriched by a history that began in the 1950s as Hotel Snow White. As the Central District declined, this Taichung hotel closed its doors, opening the building for various uses.

By the turn of the century, the building stood deserted, empty, and waiting. Several years later, two brothers, Poi and Titus, found themselves working in their family business across the street. The close proximity constantly drew their eyes to the remnant from the glory days of the once-thriving locale.

In this age-old building, the brothers saw hidden beauty, new life, and potential for something more. While Taiwan is often quick to embrace the new, Poi and Titus believed there was an opportunity to pause, preserve culture, and breathe new life into the streetscape by creating a new Taichung hotel.

To realize this vision, the brothers contacted Fearon Hay Architects, an award-winning New Zealand practice. The firm shared Poi and Titus’ vision to maintain the building’s historic facade and celebrate its character by creating a new destination that allowed visitors to enjoy an authentic Central District experience as unique as the building itself.

Explore - Experience - Discover

SOF Hotel is modern and dynamic, filled to the brim with beguiling charm and unexpected delight that only Taiwan accommodations can provide. The city of Taichung attracts endless visitors as a location to uncover rich history, vibrant markets, and local cuisine.

As the second largest city in Taiwan, people quickly discover life in Taichung moves to a different rhythm compared to other parts of the country. Taichung is a location you can enjoy at your own pace. A place to wander, explore, and find yourself.

The Heart of Taichung - The Soul of Central District - A Window to the Past

Part restoration, part renovation, our Taichung Hotel features a garden, a terrace, and a shared lounge, opening its doors in February 2018. From the concrete pillars to the timber desks, SOF Hotel emphasizes less on the surface, instead focusing on the design space, order, and form.

Running your hand over the rich textures, you can feel the historical context and integrity you won’t find with many other Central District hotels. 

SOF Hotel is situated in Taichung and is 2.1 km from the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Our property location resides a short distance from attractions such as Taichung Park, Zhongzheng Park, and Zhonghua Rd. Night Market.

At the hotel, each room has a desk and flat-screen TV, and selected rooms also offer a balcony. All units provide guests with a fridge.

Speaking English, Japanese and Chinese, the staff is happy to provide guests with practical information on the area at the 24-hour front desk.

When staying in beautiful Taichung, consider staying with SOF Hotel, a unique addition to the numerous hotels in Taiwan in a restored, historical, and bustling locale.