Planning a vacation often revolves less around the ideal time of year for the location and more about a visitor's schedule. While it's logical to plan a trip this way, it does a disservice to the site visited, such as the tourism hotspot Taiwan. This region of the Republic of China has so many different things to do year-round with diverse weather and events. Knowing when to visit Taiwan means knowing what you want to do when you get here. With a grasp of the Taiwan seasonality and the events in the area, the best times of year to visit Taiwan become clear.

The Weather in Taiwan 

Located on the Topic of Cancer, Taiwan benefits from a subtropical climate across most of the area, with a tropical climate in the south. The weather is warm and humid at virtually every point in the year. 

As a result, the Taiwan seasonality has much less to do with an awareness of the temperature and much more to do with the rain. Taiwan experiences two rainy seasons, which coincide. The classic monsoons first bring heavy rain to the area between May and December in the south before moving to the north. The country also has a short-lived season of "plum rains," which run in May and June, bringing short, intense bursts of rain mixed with dry periods. 

Knowing the intensity of the rain and this unique facet of Taiwan seasonality makes preparing for it one of the top Taiwan travel tips. A quality umbrella and good boots assist significantly in facing this unique feature of Taiwanese weather as you decide when to visit Taiwan.  

But while the Taiwan seasonality might be relatively stable, it's still a bit varied. That's why it's essential to factor in not only the weather but also the calendar of events you want to catch when figuring out the best times of year to visit Taiwan. 


Taiwan might not get as cold as Japan, but the region still experiences cooler temperatures in the winter. The temperature can reach 15°C-20°C on very cold days, but most days generally exceed 30°C the majority of the year. It's no surprise that colder temperatures affect tourism, but many don't think about the fact that this makes winter a great time to visit popular tourist destinations such as Beitou hot springs without having to fight the crowds.

If you're aiming for a mostly indoor excursion, one of the best Taiwan travel tips is to visit during the winter. The country's urban areas are fully active, and with fewer visitors, sites like museums are easier to see during the cooler season. The fog and the cool temperatures might drive a tourist indoors but a day of shopping is worth it.

One of the best reasons to visit Taiwan in the winter months is the blooming of the cherry blossom trees. The exact bloom dates vary, but most areas experience this between mid-February and early April. There are some areas that experience bloom earlier in the year, however. If you're planning a winter trip, online forecasting sites inform visitors about when to visit Taiwan to see the trees in their full splendor. 

For a cultural event, visit in January for the Lantern Festival. This celebration marks the end of Chinese New Year festivities and lasts for several days in some cities. It's important to note that the date for this and most festivals tends to vary due to the Chinese lunar calendar.


Swimming at the beaches still might not be the best option as the temperatures start to climb, but there's more to do in Taiwan during the spring. This is the peak moment to hike the country's mountainous areas. One of the most popular locations is Alishan Mountain, which allows visitors to sample some of the finest fresh-grown Oolong teas.

The country also has several festivals in the spring months. As Asia is known for its fireworks, the International Fireworks Festival in Penghu showcases a rich, illuminating tradition. One of the most significant indigenous ceremonies in the country, Bunun's Ear Shooting Festival, also occurs at this time of year.


As the summer heat arrives, one of the essential Taiwan travel tips is to prepare for it along with the rains. The temperatures often peak above 30C, but the humidity can feel far worse. 

Despite the heat, the summer months are the peak of tourism in Taiwan. The beaches are a  bustling tourist attraction, and with an overall abundance of beaches, a visitor can see a surprising variety of sights as they hop from one to another. Here, you'll also find opportunities for some of the finest watersports in the world.

For a unique travel experience, visit the many tropical islands of Taiwan. Some of the highlights include the snorkeling haven Orchid Island; Turtle Island, which hosts Taiwan's only active volcano; and the historic Kinmen Archipelago, a region with an abundance of historic temples and museums. 


Widely considered the best time of the year to visit Taiwan for general travel, the fall months offer some of the best weather. The temperatures mainly cool down in the north, making outdoor activities popular. Some top sites include Aowanda Forest Recreational Area, Dasyueshan National Forest, and Taroko Gorge. These offer physical beauty to enjoy as the leaves change color.

Finally, there is the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. This event is held throughout China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, usually in September. The festival is marked by some of the finest traditional cuisines, including the event's signature dish of mooncakes.

In the end, when to visit Taiwan comes down to what you want to see, do, and experience. Depending on your interests, the country has a bustling array of locations and events. One of the best Taiwan travel tips is simply finding what you want to do and when, so you'll have a dream vacation. These options and more and find the perfect moment to visit.

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