One of the most historic regions in the Republic of China, Taiwan is a popular tourist destination for people worldwide. The island is renowned for its robust culture, pleasant climate, and some of the most hospitable people you'll ever meet. Indeed, many claim one of the most popular Taiwan activities is simply being present on the islands and enjoying the people and culture.

Just because the area is a great place to relax and soak in the culture doesn't mean there aren't many things to do in Taiwan. Tourist attractions in Taiwan are varied in number and have diverse options. No matter your interests, these seven popular Taiwan attractions will make your vacation one to remember.

The Taiwan Night Markets

It only makes sense to make a good meal a central part of your visit to Taiwan. While there are many fine restaurants in the country, the Taiwan night markets are a unique culinary and cultural experience you'll always remember. As their name suggests, these markets are only open during night hours and serve a wide variety of foods unique to the area. One of the key benefits of visiting the night markets is the cost, offering sizable meals for under $10. The markets also have historical value with some dating back to the 19th century. No wonder visiting the markets is one of the most popular things to do in Taiwan.

Taroko National Park

Taiwan has nine national parks, which may feel like a small amount if you're used to countries with dozens or more. One of the most popular Taiwan attractions is Taroko National Park. This park dates back to 1937 when Taiwan was a part of Japan. The park was abolished and closed in 1945 but reopened in 1986. Today it is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Taiwan. Boasting several gorges set amidst mountainous terrain and known for its marble canyons which are unusually resistant to erosion, Taroko National Park is a site to see. Here, you can also experience the roar of the Liwu River, which carved the park's many majestic sights. This outdoor excursion, which has free admission, can be visited by itself or as part of a tour of Taipei.


One of the most popular Taiwan activities is sitting back with a refreshing cup of tea. Taiwan has plenty of options for quality teahouses that offer not just a cup of tea but an experience unto themselves. They often are full of people, making it clear these teahouses are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Taiwan. A prime example is Jiufen, a historic seaside village known not only for its many tea houses but also for its shopping opportunities. The village is also well-known due to its appearance in the famous Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away. If it's a singular experience you seek, the Jwu Jiu Teahouse in Chiayi is a wooden teahouse in the traditional style drawing from a well that's over 100 years old. This location is set over sizable and beautiful koi ponds filled with luminous colorful fish to observe as you drink your tea.

Yu Shan

Taiwan's highest peak, Yu Shan, has some different names you may have heard over the years. Known as Jade Mountain, Mount Jade, or Mount Yu, as well as by the name Mount Niitaka during Japanese rule, the mountain's 12,966-foot elevation gives Taiwan the fourth-highest peak elevation of any island on Earth. The national park on the mountain, Yushan National Park, is the country's highest and least accessible national park. For those willing to make the journey, mountain hiking makes it one of the most unique Taiwan activities. The five peaks often offer views above the clouds, providing a lasting sight. 

Beitou Hot Spring

Finally, for a relaxing soak, the Beitou Hot Spring is one of the top tourist attractions in Taiwan. This hot spring is one of four major hot spring towns in the area and offers many spa activities. Generally, these include bathing in the spring and drinking the spring's water for refreshment. There are also options such as witnessing the natural geothermal hot spring activities as well as a foot spa. The area also boasts a number of fine dining options as well. For sheer relaxation, Beitou is the place to visit.


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