As one of the top tourist destinations on earth, it's no shock that Taiwan accommodation is far from limited. For a quick stay, budget options exist. However, Taiwan is far from a locale known solely  for modesty. Luxury hotels in Taiwan abound across the area for a good reason. Taiwan is a place to bask in the finer things, and Taiwan accommodations offer the perfect opportunity to engage in that.

That's especially true in Taichung. The second largest city in Taiwan, Taichung, is home to over 2.8 million people with a bustling economy. In addition to a thriving industrial economy, the city boasts a booming retail sector. With an abundance of reasons to visit, finding a quality hotel in Taichung is a must for business and pleasure travelers alike.

For the best hotel in Taichung, look no further than SOF Hotel. Located in the central district of Taichung, an area referred to by some as "Old Taichung," this Taiwan accommodation has a long history behind it and an even brighter future ahead. 

A Brief History of SOF Hotel

SOF Hotel stands as one of the top luxury hotels in Taichung today, but the hotel had a long history before it took on that identity. Starting its existence as the Hotel Snow White in the 1950s, the hotel thrived while the Central District boomed. Sadly, as the economy and the district itself fell, so did the popularity and fortunes of the hotel. Eventually, it closed, and the property found other uses before eventually falling into disrepair.

In the early 2010s, the abandoned building drew the attention of brothers Poi and Titus, who worked at their family business across the street. They saw the potential in this historic building to revive it and, as the Central District experienced its rebirth, bring the classic location back to life. 

This renovation and rebirth of the historic building required the involvement of the eminent New Zealand architecture firm Fearon Hay Architects, which shared the mission of the brothers to preserve the building's historic exterior while creating a bold new vision inside. This hybrid renovation/restoration project was undertaken to protect the unique culture that makes the Central District so special, creating a hotel in Taichung that genuinely belonged to the city.

The work took years, but finally, in February 2018, SOF Hotel opened to the public. In the five years since the property's opening, SOF Hotel has earned a reputation as one of the best hotels in Taichung. Here are some reasons why.

The Features of SOF Hotel

Reflecting the values of the culture it belongs to, SOF Hotel is focused less on the surface of things and more on the order and form of the design space. This hotel in Taichung puts an emphasis on the integration of natural beauty into the urban environment. Here you'll find timber decks and a garden and terrace, which contrast with the hotel's concrete pillars and urban location for lodging that offers a unique balance.

Balance is pivotal for this property. With a design that reflects both the history of Taiwan and a highly modern feel, SOF Hotel is a reflection of the best traits of Taiwan. All you need to do is touch one of the many surfaces to sense that knife's edge balance.

The hotel boasts a number of amenities common to every room. Each room offers guests a flat-screen tv to watch and a desk for business needs. Guests also have access to a refrigerator in every room to keep drinks and food cold during your stay. Select rooms offer guests extra amenities, such as a balcony on which to gaze upon the city.

Here are the different types of rooms SOF Hotel offers, all of which make it a premiere hotel in Taichung:

  • The budget double room has a maximum capacity of two adults and is perfect for business travelers

  • The standard twin room, also a double occupancy room, offers a modern design for a more upscale yet modest experience with a variance in the different twin rooms providing an individual touch

  • The superior double room greets guests with the morning sun thanks to French windows which illuminate the double occupancy room

  • The double room with a balcony grants guests a view of Taichung 

  • The double room with a bathtub adds a spa flair to your stay

  • The quadruple room provides guests with two double beds for a family stay in this room with a maximum capacity of four adults

  • The executive suite hosts two guests in a luxury accommodation perfect for a business traveler, including a living room to recline in after a meeting

  • The comfort double room is a double occupancy room built to bring natural light to your stay

  • Finally, the grand double suite offers guests the best room in the top luxury hotel in Taiwan, with comfortable bedding and seating, room to relax, and more

The hotel boasts a 24-hour help desk to ensure guests never have to wait for service. Speaking English, Chinese, and Japanese, the staff assists guests with what to see and do in the area, as well as assistance with questions about the hotel itself.

It's important to keep in mind the hotel rules and regulations during your stay. Pets are not allowed in any rooms. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the hotel, and guests will be fined under the Smoke-Free Law if they violate it. Furthermore, drugs or any improper behavior are also forbidden.

The Location

SOF Hotel is located in the Central District, among a wide range of dining and cultural options. This hotel in Taichung is a mere 2.1 km from the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts as well as in close proximity to Zhonghua Rd. Night Market for a unique experience. If it's a park you seek, both Taichung Park and Zhongzheng Park are nearby for a bit of natural relaxation.

SOF Hotel has worked hard to build its reputation as the best hotel in Taichung. For more information about the hotel, contact us if you have any questions about one of the most unique and authentic luxury hotels in Taiwan.